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Signup Process - The Healing Connection

Please fill out the required fields to complete your registration. It’s just like a storefront dispensary first-time patient form. We just need things required by guidelines and things that will make your online cannabis shopping experience better.

Too hard to sign up? Well, then text your email address, government-issues ID and Doctor’s Recommendation to 209-581-7806 or to the “Chat with The Healing Connection” page in the bottom right corner of your screen, and we will sign you up!

You will also need to download and print our membership agreement form and provide it signed on your first delivery.

IMPORTANT: We do not store any of your documents! After verification, your documents will be deleted! We do not share any of your information.

Please provide your delivery address. Residences Only. No Hotels or public places.
You can scan it or take a picture with your phone and upload it. Name, DOB, exp date and ID # need to be visible.
If delivery address is different than your ID/Driver's License address, please upload a document with your name and address on it. (Utility Bill, etc.)